No Programming Required

Using appsner is really easy. You don't need to be an Xcode/Java expert or a developer to build your own iPhone/iPad/Android/Kindle HTML5 or Native application.

Endless possibilities!

With more than 50 custom features, including Push-Notifications, Sync, In-App Purchases, Ad-Networks, GPS, eCommerce and many more, you can be sure appsner is the right choice.

Updates and Sync

Our CMS system allows you to push updates to your users instantly. You also have the ability to SYNC content between your app on device and your app in the clouds, this being extremely convenient.


At any given time you can check how your app looks like on an actual device using one of our previewers. We offer previewer apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle devices.

You'll love it. Just take a look.

We're sure that you'll enjoy using our app builder so we're offering you free access to design and build your app. You only need to get on a paid plan once you're ready to publish your app.

Full support. Every day.

Leave on us all technical issues so you can focus on creating beautiful, profitable apps and stable revenue streams. Just drop us a line. We'll replay as soon as possible.

Why appsner?
the best mobile app builder

Over 150 highly customizable templates and page types to match your vision

Whether you are an individual looking to create your own app, a business owner with a desire to expand your reach with a mobile app or an agency looking to add a new revenue stream to your company by providing business apps to your clients, we have the right tools to make it happen!

You start by picking a template from our collection or start from scratch, with a blank template. Based on your vision, you then add or remove page types for various functions that you want your app to perform. Everything happens in a user friendly interface and no coding is required to build your app.

Customized to your needs

  • Build information apps and monetize them with ad-networks, in-app purchases or offer them as a paid app.
  • Create portfolio apps and showcase your skills, image galleries or video galleries.
  • Stay connected with your users on Social Media.

As an individual, you will be able to create mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle devices, without coding. No matter what type of apps you might want to build, appsner provides the perfect tools for you!

  • Keep your customers updated with Push Notifications and News feeds from your website.
  • Sell your products, accept orders, offer discounts and receive payments.
  • Offer directions and an easy way to contact for users on the go.

Based on your business, you can choose from a wide range of fully customizable templates and match them with features from over 100 page types, colors and styles to represent your brand.

  • Are you ready to create your first trivia or quiz game?
  • Or maybe you want to customize a flappy bird game?
  • No matter what, it's important to keep your users entertained.

We have quite a few page types that you can integrate in your apps to keep your users hooked on games. Some of these games include: 2048 Blocks Edition, 2048 Photo Edition, Guessing Game, Hexatis, Sudoku, Tic Tac Toe and many more.

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appsner is a mobile application builder platform that allows you to create your own native and HTML5 mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle devices, without coding.

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